Gardening and Health

Gardening is one of the most popular home-based leisure activities among American adults. However, the relationship between gardening and specific health behaviors (i.e., diet, physical activity, and sleep) remains unclear. Further, there is a paucity of data examining the familial factors (e.g., gardening with grand children or children) that increase the likelihood of gardening among adults.

This project aims to determine the interrelationships between specific markers of health behaviors and gardening among adults. This aim will be accomplished by the administration a short survey/questionnaire (administered online or during an in-person interview). The survey questions are directed towards characterizing the gardening experience (e.g., frequency, types of foods grown), demographics, (e.g., ethnicity/heritage, level of education and income), health behavior history (e.g., smoking status, self-reported height and weight), health behaviors (e.g. family meal frequency, leisure time activity, sleep). The resultant data will provide vital information that will be used to develop future gardening interventions targeted at improving health behaviors.

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