Reynaldo DeLeon presents at the 2016 GIS Day Conference

Reynaldo De Leon presented his work in collaboration with Liliana Aguayo and Dr. Schwingel at the 2016 GIS Day conference, on November 15. His work include a systematic review of GIS in physical activity interventions worldwide.

Rey hopes this review will facilitate the development of interdisciplinary approaches, and inform health professionals, urban planners, policy makers, and all stakeholders interested in the promotion of physical activity to address the current health disparities.

His work was selected for an oral presentation. Great job, Rey!!

De Leon, R. Aguayo, L. Schwingel, A. (2016) Use of GIS in Physical Activity Interventions: a Systematic Review. Oral presentation at the 2016 IL GIS day Regional Meeting, November 15, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

gis deleon and aguayo