Dr. Lynne M. Dearborn presented her work on “Healthy Housing Across the Lifespan” at ADL weekly meeting. High quality affordable housing is in short supply in every part of the United States. Healthy housing must fulfill the dual expectations of housing that responds to occupants’ needs for a safe and supportive home while also meeting affordability criteria. This places a substantial emphasis on an appropriately designed environment that seamlessly integrates physical, social, and service characteristics to address occupant health and well-being. Dr. Dearborn's presentation addressed the integration of housing affordability with criteria for healthy housing and turned a lens on questions of designing for the lifespan of housing occupants. It touched on her on-going study of how the Low-income Housing Tax Credit program may be an instrument to increase the healthiness of the housing stock in the United States.
Dr. Dearborn is a UofI professor in Architecture. Thanks for the great presentation!