Marcela Vizcarra-Catalan’s project “’Feeding my Child’: A Pilot Study to Validate and test the Caregiver’s Feeding Style Questionnaire in Chile" was awarded the 2017 Tinker Field Research Grant Competition for Graduate Student Research in Latin America from the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Congratulations, Marcela!
Marcela’s study will examine feeding styles as set of behaviors that caregivers adopt in food related contexts and have been associated with weight status and eating behaviors in preschool children. Feeding styles has been mainly studied in developed countries, but the research in Chile has been scarce despite the fact that one out of three children under six-year-olds are overweight or obese. The Caregiver’s Feeding Style Questionnaire has been used previously to study feeding style in minority groups and has been validated among Hispanic population in the US. The objective of this project is to validate the Caregiver’s Feeding Style Questionnaire to examine feeding styles among caregivers of Chilean preschool children and pilot it to explore associations between feeding and weight status. An expert evaluation and expanded interviews will be conducted to adjust the instrument to the Chilean culture, followed by the application of the instrument in the fieldwork. The validation and use of the Caregiver’s Feeding Style Questionnaire will enable further development of the use of psychometrics for studying feeding in the Chilean context and assess links with weight status in children.